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Where you place your attention is where you send your energy. When I keep my energy focused on the joys I have experienced as a parent I feel my energy and my love flowing to our children. The more energy a person gives anything, the more you talk or think about anything the larger it grows. 
We Parents who be Pirates are so because we know children love pirates so deeply and we know in our hearts they love every one of us Parents who be Pirates too no matter who may say such a thing is untrue.
Are you still confused about why parents should be pirates and perhaps what this hoopla is all about? Wondering why we parents who be pirates champion every loving parent-child relationship? We do not do this because it is easy. We do not do this because it is hard, We do this because we are fathers and mothers and this is our job. We do this because our judges and politicians seem to have forgotten they work for us and we will get rid of them if they turn out to be rotten.
Now if the judges, attorneys, and forensic psychologists did their job they would just end marriages when couples sought a divorce they wouldn't end families too.  
Yet encouraging drawn-out litigation is what they do, it ends with the judge substituting their judgment for other parents' judgment and perpetuates a cycle of trauma.
By legitimizing the wishes of a broken parent who had their attachment bonds damaged while a child the family courts become the grantor of state power used to destroy children's lives and their families. These parents deserve support. They do not get the support they needed from forensic psychologists and the end result is that their trauma is passed on to the next generation. 
This pattern is so much more than one family's problem because the traumatized child of your neighbor who just divorced is the potential mate of your child.  Divorce is never planned and it is always hard on families. Some parents under legitimate stress forget it is only the marriage that is ending not the family. These parents fall into subconscious self-protection patterns developed in their own childhood and are inclined to treat their ex-spouse as a dangerous enemy rather than a future co-parent.
We Parents who be pirates focus our energy on loving our children and singing,,,

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The moment my daughter first heard We Will/We Are

One of my favorite memories of parenting was while driving with my daughter in the backseat of the car when she first heard this song combination performed by Queen, The second time I played it at her request right after the first I swear she sang along as if she was Freddie Mercury in her last life.

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