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...but parents don't know how to use it to protect their parent-child relationships

In the transcript available to all at the link below on pages 31- 32 (screenshots also below), Judge Mary Polson of Okaloosa County Florida says she just decided she wasn't going to enforce the custody order.

There could not be a more clear example of the arrogance of family court judges today. This judge implicitly admitted on the record that she had been ignoring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the 1st, and 14th Amendments, and Florida Statues for years despite the pleas of a fit parent to spend time with his child.

Yet I (granted not a family law attorney but a lawyer still) was initially blind to this egregious failure to observe the constitution by the judge. Like most parents who find themselves pro se in family court because they simply do not have the money to pay for an attorney, I figured for too long that I could count on the judge to be impartial and apply the law properly.

I was wrong. I had moved from New York to Florida where my ex-wife was stationed by the Air Force because I wanted my daughter then entering 8th grade to have both parents in her life on a daily basis and what happened was an uninformed biased judge substituted her preconceived notions about what was best for my daughter for my own. The end result is my daughter spent her HS years having her opinion of me formed in my absence even though I lived just a mile from her HS and even today at 21 years old although free to she will have nothing to do with me.

We live and we learn, I believe, and then hopefully use what we learn to help others. I have accepted the fact that even though I did everything I could think of at the time to be permitted to be a father to my daughter it did not happen in part because I did not at the proper time remind the judge of the many bodies of law most obviously the 1st and 14th Amendments of the US Constitution which rigorously protect parent-child relationships.

To try to make sense of what happened I am hopeful this website and the booklet I have self-published will reach other parents before something similar happens to their families.

My booklet is titled Common Sense, Child Conscious Constitutional Co=Parenting. Knowing the last thing any parent wants to do with the time that could be spent with their child is read about the law pertaining to parenting it is as short as I believe I could make it. However, since my intent when I went to law school was to make the law more accessible for the average person, I wrote and included in the booklet a one-page synopsis titled the ABC's and 123s of C4 Co-parenting. Please you can read both for free on Amazon Kindle and then buy a few copies for under $10 each to share with your friends and family judges and attorneys.

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Learn how your parent-child relationship is protected by the US Constitution

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