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Life is simple really it is love everyone.

You were born the biological child of a father and a mother and I was too. From the same beginning, you did that and this, and I did this and that. It was the this and that and that and this that made me, me and you, you.

There in just two sentences, I referenced seven unique mes yous and whos each of which are a one who came from one plus one. Who said one plus one always equals two?

Oh my you say all my mes yous and whos are hurt your head and even though we made one who from one plus one

One who does this one me does that one you dresses like a cat and of most of them though it is already true thOne one puts on a parrot suit and parrots the third one who said Oh my all these differences seem dangerous s 

ount them seven different you'.

As time went on I did that and this while you did this and that.  Does the that and this and this and that make change the fact that our one plus one us all that different or just make me me and you you?  call myself a lawyer. a parent, and a pirate too! How about you? I hear you Oh my you say all these differences I am not sure what I want to say think or do.maybe some other things too.ecame a lawyer in a parent and now I'm a pirate too. How about?  became different things and that made you you, Oh my all these differences what are we to do

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Listen to me, all of this is true, and you know it too. One parent’s love is a good start but it is we, not I that rock you. 

Yes, mistakes we have made a few but we Parents who be Pirates can be called champions too because we are done fighting yet we ain't gonna lose because it is families that we champion and families that rock you. 

To champion, is to defend, support, and advocate for a thing or idea. 

Our purpose here is to champion lifelong loving parent-child relationships. 

The relationship between each child and their mother and each child and their father form the fundamental group unit of society, the family. In the first instance, the two most important people in every person's life are their Mom and Dad. 

That is a fact, not a debatable point. If you disagree my heart aches for you.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights protects each parent, mother, and father equally before and after marriage. The US Supreme Court has ruled that parenting is a fundamental human right protected by the 1st and 14th Amendments and that it flows between each parent and each child. In other words, it is in the best interest of all parents and children and indeed of all people to champion loving parent-child relationships. 

So put on your eyepatch and get ready to learn how to empathetically proclaim "Avast Ye" to politicians, judges, attorneys, forensic psychologists, and any of our neighbors who fail to accord the most fundamental of human rights the protection it is due.

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One of my fondest memories is riding in my car with my daughter the first time she heard We Will Rock You. I swear she asked me to play it a second time and belted out the lyrics like only Freddie Mercury could do.

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Learn how your parent-child relationship is protected by the US Constitution

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