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C4 Co=Parenting

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

One parent, even at their best, is at most only one half a child’s family. Two parents Co-Parenting is the fundamental right of every person. C4 Co-Parenting is as simple as ABC.

A) C4 Co-PARENTING requires we the people BELIEVE: (1) An adult who freely chooses to engage in behavior that creates a child is by human design uniquely qualified and motivated to parent and to make decisions in the best interest of their child. (2) Each fit parent has the fundamental right to personally nurture their child and to facilitate and protect their child's fundamental right to an equal nurturing relationship with their other parent.

B) C4 Co-PARENTING requires we the people UNDERSTAND: (1) That each person's unique experiences during childhood is the foundation from which they build latter relationships and draw from to guide them in life as an adult and if they become a parent. (2) To avoid passing our childhood traumas across generations we must personally endeavor to identify them and heal so that we do not pass them onto our children.

C) C4 Co-PARENTING requires we the people REAFFIRM: (1) The Constitution prohibits governments from denying fundamental rights such as the right of children to maintain an equal relationship with each parent. (2) Any state action that infringes on this right is subject to the highest level of judicial scrutiny, and the government must prove that the state action in question serves a compelling government interest through the least intrusive means necessary. (3) When the parent of a minor child is confronted by a government actor trying to interfere with your parent-child relationship you have a duty to protect your child and demand they follow C2 above.

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