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Lean on me when you need a hand

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

We all have Dad stories. Some Dads are hands-on Dads who are inclined to fix every problem around the house and otherwise themselves. Other Dads use their wallets to fix the problem. The variations in the approach a Dad can take are limitless.

The number of variations available does not devalue any one particular variation in approach. Each one of us should be able to rejoice in and celebrate the unique approach taken by each of our Dads. The knowledge that we learn from observing or being taught by each of our Dads is the knowledge that needs to be passed on from generation to generation. Until now that was a very old fashion process limited by what each person could remember over time.

I suggest with the available technology today there's no reason to lose knowledge held by an older generation as a younger generation matures. Online education and education platforms are experiencing explosive growth and the technology available to create and transfer or store this sort of knowledge that has been passed from Dad to child leave very low barriers to participation.

Now if your Dad is someone like Richard Heart or Elon Musk and they taught you how to create the highest appreciating financial asset of all time, HEX blockchain, or how to build a company to compliment NASA and create a multi-stage rocket that has a primary stage which will land itself and can be reused, Space X, it's likely they have been diligently recording "How to" as they went. As for the majority of folks, however, it's more likely that your Dad shared one or more unique solutions to problems with you that have not been so well known or previously recorded. That is the precise initial problem I believed the "How to .... like my Dad" brand is well suited to and will solve.

It occurred to me however after writing the brand name a couple of times that there was a second problem that it was capable of addressing. That problem is the sad truth that many of us for reasons founded or unfounded find ourselves not liking our Dads.

The sad truth is that today there is a pandemic ongoing that societies around the globe are suffering from but it is only the people afflicted with it that speak of it. The common name but not the medically correct one is parental alienation. It generally takes root at the start of a divorce when one parent because of their own illness which took hold during childhood wants to keep the children of the marriage away from the partner they are divorcing. This parent fails to recognize that their child and soon-to-be ex-spouse each have a fundamental human right to maintain their relationship free from interference from the state or society.

Now, if the state here in the form of the judges, attorneys, psychologists, and other professionals that make up family court were doing their job these attempts would be stopped and therapy would be prescribed. However, there has been a trend in family courts around the globe to facilitate the desire of the one parent and the only explanation for doing so is to perpetuate high conflict divorces that fund the paychecks of the aforementioned professionals.

So "How to .... like my" is going to be a dual-purpose platform. While on the one hand, it will encourage Dads and children to team up and create youtube educational videos of short duration where the parent and child of any age teach how to do something like your Dad did it

On the other hand, it will also endeavor to help parents recover from being alienated from their children. It will do this in many ways but with the support of the Dads and children in loving parent-child relationships the parents and children not in a loving relationship will be able to and encouraged to make a video of their own reaching out to their counterpart and on their own but with the invitation of the community to the child that they reach out and join their parents and rely on the support of the community to recover.

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