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Scuttle them

Updated: Aug 29, 2022 - Sink the enemy ship that the so-called professionals of family courts around the world have turned those courts into. Scuttle them and start over with professionals who will follow the law and their ethical obligations. Parental Alienation is not the result of a bad law or lack of law or bad parents. From the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the US Constitution and those constitutions modeled on it, right down to the state statutes it is the public policy of the world that the best parent is both parents.

I have a law degree and let my license lapse because the judges and lawyers and other professionals working in those courts have gone rogue. The forensic psychologists who should be offering treatment plans are pandering to the lawyers and judges who don't follow the law because there would be no drawn-out pocket lining litigation for them.

The result of their conspiracy is the destruction of families because the system is causing one parent to believe falsehoods about the situation and the law. The alienating parent is a pawn being taken advantage of by the un-professionals who are destroying families. The time is now. The truth will cast out the dark and falsehoods.

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